About Us

At Carat Plus Diamond Inc. we strive hard to satisfy our clients by simplifying the buying process. We are always looking forward to educate and empower our customers, making them cherish their purchase for a lifetime. We give priority to the toughest quality standards in cutting, shaping and polishing diamonds, ensuring their value.

Our Story:

We started our diamond industry in Vancouver, British Columbia, working hard to provide our customers with the highest quality diamonds to make their engagements, weddings and love stories memorable. Since 2009, we have successfully turned small moments of happiness and joy into memories. 


Our industry specializes in very specific cuts and sizes, selling wholesale to the trade. We are emerging as a very prominent diamond wholesaler due to our personal and exceptional customer services. We provide our customers with unique shapes and cuts, to make their search for the perfect diamond simpler. 

We have a team of skilled diamond cutters and polishers who work efficiently on the highest quality diamonds to design and create beautiful jewelry. 

What we Offer?

We understand that every client has different requirements when it comes to diamonds. We are here to provide them with absolutely perfect diamond to treasure the gorgeous moments of love and romance. Our mission is to offer quality, respect and enduring value to the customers. We have built our diamond industry on these simple but important principles. 

Experts are here to help you at every turn, giving you significant information about the finest pieces of diamonds we have. We focus on buying and selling only the most beautifully cut diamonds of all shapes, at the most competitive prices. 

Our diamonds meet strict quality standards in color, reflecting clear and vivid colors. Even the smallest diamonds are handled carefully, ensuring beauty and perfection. 

Why choose Carat Plus Diamond Inc?

We are a certified diamond industry, graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). We specialize in cutting, shaping and polishing 0.70 to 3.00 carat diamonds, ensuring clarity and symmetry in all pieces. All the jewels undergo an unbiased and professional examination. Before purchasing the diamonds, we invite our customers to review a copy of our certificate to make sure that they have come to the right place. We use cut grades offered by the GIA only. We also use our own proportion systems to detect the intensity, radiance and brilliance in a diamond’s cut. We review our diamonds to make sure that the GIA grading reports are accurate, hence ascertaining the market value and quality of even the smallest diamonds.

Contact our diamond and jewelry consultant at 778-859-4232, or email us at info@caratplus.ca